Thank You for stopping by – I am the ‘But Why Guy’, and I write this blog as a repository of current events as they unfold, with the intention that some future student or researcher may find a contemporaries’ record and response to the times we live in as we live them.

I have long been a fan of history. In past times writers, historians, biographers and documentarians have relied on newspapers, contemporary books and documents as well as personal journals and letters to inform their research and craft their view of past events. To that end, research material through the 1800’s has been limited to those surviving materials and documentation accessible to the researcher, be that a well funded author with an expense account or the humble student digging through library files. But times have changed to a remarkable degree, and now we suffer a dearth of abundance of material, from blogs (like this one) hackable computer files (in the future, after your passing, every document and e-bite created about or by you will likely be public content) medical records, phone texts, YouTube videos, Instagram, Facebook posts, Tweets, all of our comments made anywhere, and every bill you’ve ever generated – future historians will be faced not with the challenge of finding new information, but the challenge of sifting through the excess.

Nonetheless, I feel compelled to respond to the times we live in, to add to this ever expanding excess of information. Whether this or anyone’s blog finds an audience or none at all, it is still a worthy venture, if only to serve as a therapeutic outlet for creators and readers alike.

The United States has been in an upheaval since the salesman Donald Trump entered the political fray in 2015 and used a reality-TV based formula for gaining populist clout to eventually accede to power. These events are worth recording. How far will his destructive tendencies reach into our cherished system of Democracy, and how valiantly will We The People fight to protect our Country, it’s Constitution, our cherished beliefs and way of life? Will the deconstructive minority destroy the constructive majority? Will evil win out over good? And more personally, will the good will in you prove greater than your fear and inaction, and will Democracy take itself back from the Trump-Bannon Regime?

Time will tell, and I am telling time here.



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