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Alex Jones, noted conspiracy theorist and host of Info Wars on YouTube, yesterday revealed his latest conspiracy theory – that ‘deep state’ government is trying to over throw Donald Trump based on the notion that he has Alzheimer’s Disease. Here is that tape:

Based on this last weeks revelations, from the firing of FBI director James Comey, to hosting Russian diplomats the following day, and leaks that Trump shared classified information with those Russians, he may be on to something: Trump be crazy.

As ButWhyGuy suggested HERE last November, the signs that Donald Trump suffers from Dementia, a disease which killed his father and is hereditary, is an observation which has been made by many guests on various news programs, but does not yet seem to have hit the main stream media in a loud voice yet. Suspicions as to Donald Trumps diminished mental capacity continue to be alluded to by news outlets, with an apparent apprehension to blatantly state the obvious or demand a mental health or nuerological review of the 70 year old man.

Impeachment aside, the Constitution allows for one man to remove the President from office – Vice President Pence.

Here is an explanation of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution as presented by the Daily Kos:


This blog was started to capture a summary of the events which would mark the inevitable downfall of Donald Trump, and there has been no shortage of stories to prepare the USA and the world for this inevitability. My first searches last year to find others who were noticing Trumps possible dementia would turn up only a few articles or videos; today there are hundreds. It is satisfying that now even Alex Jones – a staunch Trump supporter – suspects Alzheimer’s disease will play a part in the take down of this psychologically unfit President.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock.


Here is one YouTubers re-cap of the Young Turks YouTube channel dissecting some of Trumps interviews, which show a diminished vocabulary, a sign of dementia:

The mainstream press is just now showing signs of boldness on this topic. From a recent Morning Joe on MSNBC Live:

From The Big Picture with Thom Hartman on You Tube, discussing dementia, Trump as a narcissistic sociopath and the 25th Amendment on May 2nd, 2017:

Even the Britts seem to worried: Author Paul Auster discusses Trumps effect on United States new state of divisionism on BBC –

Also from BBC, an interview with Tony Swhartz, author/ghost writer of Art of the Deal, calling Trump a sociopath:

And Swartz again on MSNBC July 2016, saying if he renamed the Art of the Deal today he would call it simply, ‘The Sociopath’ –

And Schwartz on May 17, 2017 with Anderson Cooper:

And below, links to more commentary –