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The more Donald Trump attacks the Free Press, the greater the momentum builds against him. When Hitler tried this, the world was a much different place – less media, no live news on TV, no continuous sound bites to share on social media, no 24 hour coverage. Make no mistake about it – Trump is trying very hard to destroy the Free Press and alter our view of reality, bending it to service his will alone. But Trump underestimates the power of the press and human logic in general. It is my prediction it will be the press who ultimately drives the take down of Donald J. Trump.

Faced with daily lies and false information from the Not-My-President, what’s a Free Press to do? He has been on the attack against freedom of speech – excepting his own – since the campaign trail, and his mental fracture is all too evident to logical people. Frustration is building across the United States and the world, but has now become especially evident among reporters now that Trump’s recent tweet has named names and outright called the press the ‘enemy of the people’ – whew!. Here is Shepard Smith of Fox News reporting on 2/16/17:

And Jake Tapper the same day on CNN –

Here is Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources’ show, and his panel venting about Trumps dictatorial behavior, 2/19/17:

You can just feel their disgust building and rising. In Trump’s mind, it seems he really can beat all of these media outlets and bash down and discredit all the targeted reporters, maybe because Steve Bannon told him he can do it. But he fails to realize he is fueling the very resistance movement that may well take him down.  The press can lead the way. After all, there is only one Donald Trump, and thousands of them, and millions of us.

if-i-were-to-run-id-as-a-republican-funny-donald-trump-meme-meme-image-bigIn an interview with People magazine in 1998, Trump clearly laid out his opinion of Republicans and a plan →      to use them to ascend to power. True to his sociopathic nature he was already relishing the notion of lying to millions and using Fox News to drive his campaign vehicle into the White House – almost twenty years ago! Good job, Donny Boy!

Now think 1886 – The Statue of Liberty.

After French artist Frederic Auguste Bartholdi designed the monument to liberty and Gustave Eiffel constructed it, it was packed up in crates and put on a ship enroute to the USA. The USA would be required to dedicate the site and pay for it’s pedestal – an estimated one million dollars 250px-statue_of_liberty_7– but President Grant would only commit fifty thousand dollars towards it’s completion. So the publisher Joseph Pulitzer of the New York World single handedly initiated the drive to raise the money to Get. it. built. Most donations were $1 or even less, with school children from around the country sending nickles and dimes in the mail to be able to see their names in the paper. Yes, that’s right, Pulitzer printed daily the name of every donator, no matter the size of the donation, on the front page of the New York World. His diehard method raised the required $950,000.00, day in and day out, relentlessly pitching and appealing, until the job got done. The final $250 came from Thomas Edison himself.

It was not the government who put the Statue of Liberty up on then-Bedloe, now Liberty Island, it was everyday citizens of the United States of America. Led by one man, Joseph Pulitzer. Now that’s effective use of the Free Press!!!

Seeing how furious todays reporters are, how insane Trumps posture is on, well, everything, and the direction this lunatic is trying to take our country, his single-minded take-down of Democracy before our very eyes, reminds me of that famous quote by Abraham Lincoln so many of us hold dear to our hearts, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. There may come a point of overload, and soon, where the press stops trying to figure out how to interpret Trump, and goes beyond critiques and editorials. The Free Press of the United States may just lead us into battle to destroy this man and toss him from the oval office. Impeach, Jail, exile – whatever it takes.

Maybe Trump can move to Russia and try to overthrow Vladimir Putin.

It will be the Great Revolt of 2017, or the less desirable New American Revolution – an all-out internal war. This should happen, This CAN happen! Rise up and fill the comment sections on news media outlets showing your support for a media-lead revolt. Just like school kids sent in their nickles and dimes to help erect the Statue of Liberty, and every dime and dollar counted, every comment you make, every letter you write, every email you send off, and every protest you march in all contributes to the taking down of this imperialist pig.

Keep up the good work you protesters, you are the resistance! 

But we are not alone. Even Republican John McCain responded on Sunday, 2/19/17, to Trumps ‘Enemy of the People’ tweet: