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steve-bannonMeet Darth Vader Steve Bannon, Donald Trumps Chief Strategist and recently appointed to the National inSecurity Council- Fat, unshaven, bleary-eyed, a man who looks like he sucked a beer keg dry for lunch on his way to a 5 Scotch Happy Hour before a relaxing evening at home with his sexy little fifth of vodka. A gift from Russia, no doubt. This tired looking, pudge faced creature appears to have been putting off rehab for a decade or more, while he craftily hatches his evil plan to take over the world.

Heard by reporters leaving Trumps Hamlet-style press soliloquy yesterday, Bannon grumbled at them all “The opposition party, all lined up“. He has said he could care less about the ‘traditional media’ and promises no warming of the adversarial relations the Trump regime has established with the free press, even urging them all to “keep their mouth shut and just listen”. And this is the man who has Trumps ear, his precious advisor. As with all Dictatorial regimes, the first thing to go is the fourth estate – there is no free press under dictators. Which is exactly why it’s protection was so clearly written into our Consitution 240-ish years ago. Some things just don’t change. And yet, here we are – a regime ready and willing to dismantle Democracy and our Constitution. And for what? What do these Dark World Comic Characters want?



According to Hollywood Reporter Michael Wolff last November, in a meeting of suits at Trump Tower, Bannon boldly stated his own fundamental world view:

“Darkness is good. Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s Power.” He further described his delight when the media don’t get what he’s about – “It only helps us when they get it wrong, when they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing… Like Andrew Jackson’s Populism, we’re going to build an entirely new political movement.”

A Regime, of course, is what this thrice divorced and accused wife beater is orchestrating, with Donald J. Trump as the temporary Dictator in Chief – if they can sustain their crumpling political infrastructure, that is. This appears more and more, each and every day, to be a Marvel comic book playing out, a classic evil vs. good dilemma.

Former Marxist and Communist Ronald Radosh told the Daily Beast that at a book party in 2013, Bannon told him that he was a ‘Leninist’  because “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment”… This man is clearly mad about something.

According to an 8 page movie treatment he wrote in 2007, “Destroying the Great Satan; The Rise of Islamic Facism in the United States“, a conspiracy-laden story of how the Jews, The New York Times, the Washington Post, Universities, the ACLU, CIA & FBI are all secretly trying to turn the USA into The Islamic Republic of the USA… is this starting to sound familiar?  A story from the inner workings of his crumbling paranoid mind is now supposed to play out on the world stage of our reality. Unless we stop the fucking lunatic and dose him full of some serious anti-psychotics. Why would American Jews want to support an Islamic State? They came here to escape shit like that. Christ! 

Saturday Night Live had some fun 2 weeks ago with his role in the Oval Office as the Grim Reaper, which is only funny if you don’t realize it’s actually happening. Following are videos with more info on Satan’s Little Helper – this first from MSNBC, November 21st, 2016:

A closer view of Bannon from Vox channel on You Tube, 2/14/17:

From CNN Live 2/1/17, his former screenplay writing partner describes Bannon as a man who, like Trump, “loves war”.

More from CNN Live, 2/2/17, from a Bannon biographer:

And finally, a peek into how the Trump White House is really running, now that Bannon has achieved his dream job:

Good Night, and Good Luck, America. Better put your Super Hero costume on and get ready for the sickest fight in human history.

UPDATE: 2/23/17 – From CPAC, the man who has the dictators ear, Son of Satan Steve Bannon describes his infiltration of government on the day the Trump Administration initiated the banned of Media including CNN from White House Press meeting: