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Donald Trump should never have been allowed to step foot in the White House to begin with – we knew the Russians were angling for a Trump Regime, had hacked the DNC to discredit his opponent and were continuing their attempts to hack into voting machines before election day. With the exit of the always angry National Security Advisor Flynn Monday, upon learning some of his conversations with Russian Diplomats concerning Obama’s sanctions against Russia and perhaps the promise of repeal, the Trump Administration continues its’ affinity for chaos with Andrew Puzder’s withdraw from consideration as Secretary of Labor the very next day. Previously, there was the firing of the interim Attorney General Sally Yates, and only days ago, Kellyanne Conway’s use of her ass-kissing position to endorse and promote Ivanka Trump products, a company she blatantly stated she invests in, now subjects her to disciplinary action by an ethics review board. What a fucking mess this regime is.

The overall atmosphere of the Trump Catastrophe has been one of National unrest and pervasive nervousness, both at home and abroad. And adding to this, on Wednesday, 2/15/17, in a press meeting with Israels’ Netanyahu, Trump basically announced his plan to create more unrest in the Middle East by advancing his Jewish son-in-laws religious agenda there – a ‘One State Solution’. So doing is tantamount to a proclamation of religious war and would draw a battery of the more radical Muslim nations into war with the USA and Isreal.

On that same platform Netanyahu happily announced his insider status to the Trump family with a grinning public expression of affection made directly to Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner – a billionaire with no political or diplomatic experience who appears to harbor delusions of heroic grandeur of his own – and whose home and bed he has slept in. To gleefully proclaim these intimate ties before a roomful of world news reporters and cameras, describing him as a personal friend he’s known for ten years, indicates the probability of private conversations toward financial commitments and a promise of supportive military objectives outside of our standing United States foreign polices. The ultimate goal of the imperialist Trump seems to be tactical destruction of the United States of America from without and within – exactly what Putin’s Russia wants. We cannot see this derelict, delusional, pathological liar impeached soon enough. The central question now is, what more will it take? How many more straws will it take to break this insane camels back?

Here is a lead-in discussion on MSNBC with a panel which includes Mika, Morning Joe, Willie Geist and others:

The full press conference between Trump and Netanyahu which includes the discussion of the ‘two state-one state-solution’. Netanyahu’s glee with his insider connections to the Trumps and especially the fellow Jew Jared Kushner can be viewed at the end of this video, beginning with minute 28.10:

– a discussion hinting that nothing will happen to Kellyann Conway for her blatant disregard for the law as concerns endorsing the President’s daughters business –

And more discussion on Kellyann Conway’s constant lies and “free agent’ status within the white house.


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