It’s been obvious since the first phases of the 2016 election that Donald Trump is a Mental Illness incarnate: Firstly, he is the textbook example of a Narcissistic Sociopath. Second, his inherited dementia (his father died of Alzheimers) is evident in his erratic behavior and middle-of-the-night-tweets, his confusion of facts and outright lies and bending of reality. Here’s a few recent reports from the media where it is now being directly addressed. The President of the United States, a 70 year old, junk food eating old man, suffers from pervasive mental illness.

The first report shown here features an interview with Andrew Sullivan, contributing editor to the New York Times:

This next one is a personal view from News247, a YouTuber’s review of what he’s seeing:

And Senator Al Franken on Jake Tapper/CNN about Trumps Mental Health and torrential lying:

John Oliver’s commentary on Trumps uncontrollable ‘lying’ (his delusions, anyway) from February 12th:

Finally, Bernie Sanders calls Trump a delusional ‘pathological liar’ also published on February 12, 2017:

In conclusion, to quote the reporter from the Oliver clip, “This is what makes covering Donald Trump so very difficult –

What does it mean when he says words?”