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donald trump2How is it that the minority of American Voters who supported this pussy-grabbing idiot continue to ignore every symptom of this man’s mental decay is just mind-boggling. His Father, Fred Trump, died of dementia/Alzheimers, and the science shows it is a hereditary condition. Why is the press not addressing this?  A confused and confrontational press may make for good TV ratings, but it is ultimately irresponsible to avoid the real problem here: Donald Trump’s increasingly erratic behavior betrays the signs of his Dementia.

After the inauguration on Friday, January 20th, any common narcissistic sociopath in his class should have been overjoyed to have grabbed the greatest seat of power in the world. Instead, what does this mentally decrepit man do? He brags it was the  largest inaugural crowd ever, without any supporting facts in hand, then, when images of his scant inaugural audience were shown compared to Obama’s 2009 inauguration crowd, with the latter’s having saturated the landscape – Trump sends his Press Sac-of-turds-retary out to address the press with a scathing assertion that Trump’s WAS BIGGER and the media is to blame for angering the giant baby-man newly installed in OUR White House.

Narcissistic sociopaths rely on sycophants to survive, and his Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s willingness to make his very first meeting with the press an antagonistic threat-infused posture (he refused questions, made his petty statement regarding Pres. Trumps hurt feelings over his dick  crowd size, and stormed off) certainly describes a spineless sycophant. But now with a little power. To survive in Donald Trumps world, after all, you have to be both spineless and morally blind.


Kellyanne Conway… wearing her comical outfit on inauguration day, meant to remind onlookers of the uniforms of American Revolutionary soldiers, well… suffice it – she’s as fucked up as Trump. Her tirade at Chuck Todd on Sunday’s Meet the Press (1/22/17) threatening to “re-think our relationship” with both Todd,the American and World Press overall, was another demonstration of those enablers with which Donald Trump surrounds himself. Nothing Trump does or says seems to be too crazy for her. She resolves this mounting disparity between the reality of what just happened and what Donald Trump wants Reality to look like with the new term “Alternative Facts”, as witnessed here:

Worrying about the comparative crowd size is ego-gutting for Trump. He simply cannot believe anyone does it better than him. Or is better liked. Or more intelligent.

This man should not be sitting in the Oval Office! He is clearly not sane.

The Million Woman March which took place globally on Saturday, January 21st, was a refreshing smack in the face of the Trump Presidency and his repugnant staff. Regime, actually. His Hitler-style selection of radicals and Putin ball suckers are a threat to our national as well as world security.

Trump spent his first full day in office – while hundreds of thousands were marching in the streets across America and in Washington DC – addressing the CIA. Telling them he ‘loved’ them. Love? Only the week before, when the dossier containing accusations concerning Trump-affiliates meetings with Russian insiders, and reports Donald Trump hired prostitutes in Moscow to urinate on the very bed President Obama slept in while in Moscow – slammed the CIA and all Washington Intelligence Agencies, basically saying they were incompetent, stupid, unnecessary. The very Agents whose intelligence- gathering concerning potential threats to the POTUS would be required by the Secret Service who protects him was degraded by the then President-elect. And suddenly he wants to make love to the CIA? This is the very definition of an unstable memory, and also a symptom of dementia, as is late-night episodes of WTF?.

The man is ass-fuck crazy, unstable, and each day the evidence mounts that he suffers from dementia. Yet the sycophants around him, including his own daughter, keep pretending everything is just fine. Daddy is just a little bit moody. Daddy can’t read a book about world policy. Daddy gets his education on NATO by watching TV. Donny can’t tolerate meetings with NSA because they bore him – he has the attention span of a goldfish (15 seconds)- another symptom of dementia.

How the hell do we oust this lunatic now?

I guess we have to view this mass-insanity as both a failure of our system (the electoral college chose to not do the job our founding fathers set out for them, and protect the people from an assbag with only personal gain at heart when taking power, and with ties to a foreign and hostile power) and the hopeful self-correction of our very public mistake. Well, not mine. But the mentally underfunded public with a vote who chose to ignore his mental decline, erratic behavior, insanely immature tweeting, sexual assaults of women, bankruptcy-profiteering, failure to show transparency or reveal his tax documents – or even pay any taxes – so much was ignored just to keep the Mexicans out… without any voters seeming to check – Obama was deporting about 2 million Mexicans every year.

Those stupid Trumpericans will get what they deserve. But they have threatened the destiny of the rest of us – THE MAJORITY who did not vote for Trumpzilla – and so, let the marches and protests continue. Let us see just how well our Democracy works. Which depends on how well we work our democracy.


And lest we forget, in a Donald J. Trump Presidency, Crowd size and Dick size mean the same thing. He sees his dick as “a million, a million and a half” inches long. Thatsa lotta dick, yo.