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trump-dementiaThe office of President of these United States not only serves to represent the people of the USA, but serves as a symbol of stability and human rights around the world. Amazingly, to ascend to this office, one only needs to make the kind of campaign promises that rally voters into submission in order to gain their votes. A mental health exam is not a requirement to take this job. So when America voted for an unstable man to lead our nation, could there be any other outcome than an unstable nation and further destabilization of the world?

Does Donald Trump suffer from Dementia? His Father Fred Trump had Alzheimers and died from it. Read another article questioning Trump’s mental capacity from April 2016 HERE.

Dementia, also called senility, is a slow process. According to Wikipedia:

“The symptoms of dementia vary across types and stages of the diagnosis.[20] The most common affected areas include memory, visual-spatial, language, attention and problem solving. Most types of dementia are slow and progressive. By the time the person shows signs of the disorder, the process in the brain has been happening for a long time.”

Some symptoms include, but are not limited to:

“Memory distortions (believing that a memory has already happened when it has not, thinking an old memory is a new one, combining two memories, or confusing the people in a memory)” and “elated mood, Irritability, apathy, Disinhibition, Delusions”

“When people with dementia are put in circumstances beyond their abilities, there may be a sudden change to crying or anger (a “catastrophic reaction”)’.

These are traits we have witnessed in Donald J. Trump, and you only needed to be reading his Twitter feed these past few years to see that. Constant narcissistic self-praising and childish rants. And then there’s his opinion of We the People from his 2013 post”

                         “Most Americans are a bunch of fucking idiots”


Learning of the unprecedented series of protests around the Untied States in reaction to this man winning the election via the anticipated electoral votes, though his opponent, Hillary Clinton, won the popular, or actual vote, and in response to irrational, hateful, sexist, bigoted and immature hate speech throughout his long, arduous, despicable campaign, Americans took to the streets shouting, burning, smashing in some cases, waving their signs of disgust and protest – and his reaction on Twitter was to call them ‘professional protestors’, and whine ((sniff sniff)) “Unfair!”.

Protests continue nightly and more are planned, including the Million Woman March on Washington on inauguration day.

The bottom line here is, aside from being a textbook narcissistic sociopath, ( “a sociopath is someone who, because he is antisocial with no conscience, lies, manipulates and controls people any way he so desires, People are toys to the sociopath; to the sociopathic narcissist, they are trash. Sociopathy combined with narcissism can be extremely dangerous. Beware the narcissistic sociopath”) Donald Trump may also suffer from Dementia. His erratic behavior, saying one thing then shortly saying the very opposite, promising to be  ‘unpredictable’ aka erratic, may be signs of his dementia. After all, he is a blustering 70 year old crazyass man who gives a fuck about no one but himself, and no one is daring to force a mental health examination to discern his capacity.

The electoral college still has an opportunity to not select Trump for President, according to Derek T. Muller of the Washington Post:  ”

Some of the Founders worried that rash decision-making by the collective body politic would be “radically vicious” or “liable to deceptions” if they directly elected the president, for the people would lack the “capacity to judge” candidates’…  If they choose, state legislators can appoint presidential electors themselves this November, rather than leaving the matter of apportioning electoral college votes by popular vote. Then, via their chosen electors, legislatures could elect any presidential candidate they prefer.”

This is our only chance to stop this insane-asylum-of-a man from taking over the White House, aligning power and nukes with Putin, and fucking up the world and balance of powers.

May God have Mercy on Us All!