mexican border crossing mexican invasion

 2 million Mexicans unlawfully enter the United States each year. It costs you, the American taxpayer, millions of dollars to escort those caught entering back home. That they overpopulate their own country due to a lack of birth control is a problem for them to deal with at home, along with drugs and corruption. That they choose to run away and escape to the USA for work and safety is understandable, but you foot the bill.

What if 2 million Russians were to unlawfully, covertly, enter the United States each year? How about if 2 million Chinese communist soldiers, posing as needy civilians, were to unlawfully enter your country each year and we the People did nothing to stop it?   In ten years time you’d have Twenty Million Russians waiting to carry out Putin’s political and military will against you.  Or Twenty Million Chinese Communists hiding out in low paying jobs, waiting to attack this country from within. How about 2 million Terrorists unlawfully sneaking into the USA each year, hunkering down in humble jobs, picking crops and bussing tables in restaurants, mowing lawns and cleaning houses? When they reach the magic number in ten years of an army of Twenty Million Extremists, they rise to power and change your world into one which meets their own ancient ideals. The first thing to change is Opress all the women, more or less to enslave them. Kill the men who would take a stand against them. Outlaw Christianity, kill Jews, etc.

You cannot run a country, any country, while another country is steadfastly invading to the tune of Two Million per year.

So just think about that.

Immigration was encouraged in the past as a way to build business and create power through wealth for the select few at the top. Immigrants generally lived in deplorable conditions without any benefits or protections. It was a means of dealing with the lack of free labor through slavery after the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War.

But today, mass immigration means less desirable jobs remain low paying, and more unemployed native born citizens. We the People have every right to patrol our borders and demand entry via legal channels, and to export unlawful persons, to deport at will for whatever reason we see fitting. We are not required to feed, house, employ and educate the people of another country. Our debt and responsibility is to our own people. Let charity consider the rest of the world – our Government’s job is to manage our own affairs, not the affairs of other Countries or their citizens.