Pamela Anderson Operating as Info Mule Between Julian Assange & Russia?


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pamela anderson

Former American  Bay Watch bathing beauty  Pamela Anderson, 50, has moved to France and changed careers. It appears she is now an operative carrying sensitive information between world renown hacker Julian Assange in Britain and top-level Putin associates in Moscow.  Assange, 46, is the founder of WikiLeaks and has been living at the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012 in order to avoid criminal extradition to the United States over stolen military documents provided by convicted serviceman-woman Chelsea Manning.  

The following video interview between Pamela Anderson and NBC’s Megyn Kelly shows Anderson openly admitting how she travels between visiting Assange in his room at the Ecuadorian Embassy – where he had been granted asylum from extradition to both Sweden, where rape charges had been filed against him but later dropped, and from the United States government, due to the thousands of hacked and stolen confidential government files WikiLeaks publishes – and Moscow, where she meets with high level Russian officials, and apparently laughs at the United States with them. 

The Question here is, is Pamela Anderson a mule between Assange and Putin?            

VIDEO: Pamela Anderson admits to relationship  with Julian Assange & Russia

She earlier in the interview has admitted to picking bad men – Assange seems to be just another lover in a long history of bad choices for Anderson, possibly because for her to function sexually she requires a sense of danger. Without directly saying it, Anderson indicates she is very fucky with Assange. And we don’t know what Moscow or Putin’s men are paying her, or what documents or messages she is carrying back and forth between them. But one thing does appear evident – Pamela Anderson’s loyalty to her country is compromised, and she may be guilty of treason.

Information in the information age may become contraband , and if Anderson is a Russian mule to Assange’s espionage game of hacked and stolen documents from countries and businesses around the world, she may be playing an international game of intrigue which will land her sagging middle-aged bikini ass in prison.




Alex Jones Claims President Trump Overthrow Imminent


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Alex Jones, noted conspiracy theorist and host of Info Wars on YouTube, yesterday revealed his latest conspiracy theory – that ‘deep state’ government is trying to over throw Donald Trump based on the notion that he has Alzheimer’s Disease. Here is that tape:

Based on this last weeks revelations, from the firing of FBI director James Comey, to hosting Russian diplomats the following day, and leaks that Trump shared classified information with those Russians, he may be on to something: Trump be crazy.

As ButWhyGuy suggested HERE last November, the signs that Donald Trump suffers from Dementia, a disease which killed his father and is hereditary, is an observation which has been made by many guests on various news programs, but does not yet seem to have hit the main stream media in a loud voice yet. Suspicions as to Donald Trumps diminished mental capacity continue to be alluded to by news outlets, with an apparent apprehension to blatantly state the obvious or demand a mental health or nuerological review of the 70 year old man.

Impeachment aside, the Constitution allows for one man to remove the President from office – Vice President Pence.

Here is an explanation of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution as presented by the Daily Kos:

This blog was started to capture a summary of the events which would mark the inevitable downfall of Donald Trump, and there has been no shortage of stories to prepare the USA and the world for this inevitability. My first searches last year to find others who were noticing Trumps possible dementia would turn up only a few articles or videos; today there are hundreds. It is satisfying that now even Alex Jones – a staunch Trump supporter – suspects Alzheimer’s disease will play a part in the take down of this psychologically unfit President.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock.


Here is one YouTubers re-cap of the Young Turks YouTube channel dissecting some of Trumps interviews, which show a diminished vocabulary, a sign of dementia:

The mainstream press is just now showing signs of boldness on this topic. From a recent Morning Joe on MSNBC Live:

From The Big Picture with Thom Hartman on You Tube, discussing dementia, Trump as a narcissistic sociopath and the 25th Amendment on May 2nd, 2017:

Even the Britts seem to worried: Author Paul Auster discusses Trumps effect on United States new state of divisionism on BBC –

Also from BBC, an interview with Tony Swhartz, author/ghost writer of Art of the Deal, calling Trump a sociopath:

And Swartz again on MSNBC July 2016, saying if he renamed the Art of the Deal today he would call it simply, ‘The Sociopath’ –

And Schwartz on May 17, 2017 with Anderson Cooper:

And below, links to more commentary –



PREDICTION: The American Free Press Will Lead the Way to Trumps Take Down


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The more Donald Trump attacks the Free Press, the greater the momentum builds against him. When Hitler tried this, the world was a much different place – less media, no live news on TV, no continuous sound bites to share on social media, no 24 hour coverage. Make no mistake about it – Trump is trying very hard to destroy the Free Press and alter our view of reality, bending it to service his will alone. But Trump underestimates the power of the press and human logic in general. It is my prediction it will be the press who ultimately drives the take down of Donald J. Trump.

Faced with daily lies and false information from the Not-My-President, what’s a Free Press to do? He has been on the attack against freedom of speech – excepting his own – since the campaign trail, and his mental fracture is all too evident to logical people. Frustration is building across the United States and the world, but has now become especially evident among reporters now that Trump’s recent tweet has named names and outright called the press the ‘enemy of the people’ – whew!. Here is Shepard Smith of Fox News reporting on 2/16/17:

And Jake Tapper the same day on CNN –

Here is Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources’ show, and his panel venting about Trumps dictatorial behavior, 2/19/17:

You can just feel their disgust building and rising. In Trump’s mind, it seems he really can beat all of these media outlets and bash down and discredit all the targeted reporters, maybe because Steve Bannon told him he can do it. But he fails to realize he is fueling the very resistance movement that may well take him down.  The press can lead the way. After all, there is only one Donald Trump, and thousands of them, and millions of us.

if-i-were-to-run-id-as-a-republican-funny-donald-trump-meme-meme-image-bigIn an interview with People magazine in 1998, Trump clearly laid out his opinion of Republicans and a plan →      to use them to ascend to power. True to his sociopathic nature he was already relishing the notion of lying to millions and using Fox News to drive his campaign vehicle into the White House – almost twenty years ago! Good job, Donny Boy!

Now think 1886 – The Statue of Liberty.

After French artist Frederic Auguste Bartholdi designed the monument to liberty and Gustave Eiffel constructed it, it was packed up in crates and put on a ship enroute to the USA. The USA would be required to dedicate the site and pay for it’s pedestal – an estimated one million dollars 250px-statue_of_liberty_7– but President Grant would only commit fifty thousand dollars towards it’s completion. So the publisher Joseph Pulitzer of the New York World single handedly initiated the drive to raise the money to Get. it. built. Most donations were $1 or even less, with school children from around the country sending nickles and dimes in the mail to be able to see their names in the paper. Yes, that’s right, Pulitzer printed daily the name of every donator, no matter the size of the donation, on the front page of the New York World. His diehard method raised the required $950,000.00, day in and day out, relentlessly pitching and appealing, until the job got done. The final $250 came from Thomas Edison himself.

It was not the government who put the Statue of Liberty up on then-Bedloe, now Liberty Island, it was everyday citizens of the United States of America. Led by one man, Joseph Pulitzer. Now that’s effective use of the Free Press!!!

Seeing how furious todays reporters are, how insane Trumps posture is on, well, everything, and the direction this lunatic is trying to take our country, his single-minded take-down of Democracy before our very eyes, reminds me of that famous quote by Abraham Lincoln so many of us hold dear to our hearts, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. There may come a point of overload, and soon, where the press stops trying to figure out how to interpret Trump, and goes beyond critiques and editorials. The Free Press of the United States may just lead us into battle to destroy this man and toss him from the oval office. Impeach, Jail, exile – whatever it takes.

Maybe Trump can move to Russia and try to overthrow Vladimir Putin.

It will be the Great Revolt of 2017, or the less desirable New American Revolution – an all-out internal war. This should happen, This CAN happen! Rise up and fill the comment sections on news media outlets showing your support for a media-lead revolt. Just like school kids sent in their nickles and dimes to help erect the Statue of Liberty, and every dime and dollar counted, every comment you make, every letter you write, every email you send off, and every protest you march in all contributes to the taking down of this imperialist pig.

Keep up the good work you protesters, you are the resistance! 

But we are not alone. Even Republican John McCain responded on Sunday, 2/19/17, to Trumps ‘Enemy of the People’ tweet:


Satan’s Little Helper: Meet Darth Vader. I mean, Steve Bannon


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steve-bannonMeet Darth Vader Steve Bannon, Donald Trumps Chief Strategist and recently appointed to the National inSecurity Council- Fat, unshaven, bleary-eyed, a man who looks like he sucked a beer keg dry for lunch on his way to a 5 Scotch Happy Hour before a relaxing evening at home with his sexy little fifth of vodka. A gift from Russia, no doubt. This tired looking, pudge faced creature appears to have been putting off rehab for a decade or more, while he craftily hatches his evil plan to take over the world.

Heard by reporters leaving Trumps Hamlet-style press soliloquy yesterday, Bannon grumbled at them all “The opposition party, all lined up“. He has said he could care less about the ‘traditional media’ and promises no warming of the adversarial relations the Trump regime has established with the free press, even urging them all to “keep their mouth shut and just listen”. And this is the man who has Trumps ear, his precious advisor. As with all Dictatorial regimes, the first thing to go is the fourth estate – there is no free press under dictators. Which is exactly why it’s protection was so clearly written into our Consitution 240-ish years ago. Some things just don’t change. And yet, here we are – a regime ready and willing to dismantle Democracy and our Constitution. And for what? What do these Dark World Comic Characters want?



According to Hollywood Reporter Michael Wolff last November, in a meeting of suits at Trump Tower, Bannon boldly stated his own fundamental world view:

“Darkness is good. Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s Power.” He further described his delight when the media don’t get what he’s about – “It only helps us when they get it wrong, when they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing… Like Andrew Jackson’s Populism, we’re going to build an entirely new political movement.”

A Regime, of course, is what this thrice divorced and accused wife beater is orchestrating, with Donald J. Trump as the temporary Dictator in Chief – if they can sustain their crumpling political infrastructure, that is. This appears more and more, each and every day, to be a Marvel comic book playing out, a classic evil vs. good dilemma.

Former Marxist and Communist Ronald Radosh told the Daily Beast that at a book party in 2013, Bannon told him that he was a ‘Leninist’  because “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment”… This man is clearly mad about something.

According to an 8 page movie treatment he wrote in 2007, “Destroying the Great Satan; The Rise of Islamic Facism in the United States“, a conspiracy-laden story of how the Jews, The New York Times, the Washington Post, Universities, the ACLU, CIA & FBI are all secretly trying to turn the USA into The Islamic Republic of the USA… is this starting to sound familiar?  A story from the inner workings of his crumbling paranoid mind is now supposed to play out on the world stage of our reality. Unless we stop the fucking lunatic and dose him full of some serious anti-psychotics. Why would American Jews want to support an Islamic State? They came here to escape shit like that. Christ! 

Saturday Night Live had some fun 2 weeks ago with his role in the Oval Office as the Grim Reaper, which is only funny if you don’t realize it’s actually happening. Following are videos with more info on Satan’s Little Helper – this first from MSNBC, November 21st, 2016:

A closer view of Bannon from Vox channel on You Tube, 2/14/17:

From CNN Live 2/1/17, his former screenplay writing partner describes Bannon as a man who, like Trump, “loves war”.

More from CNN Live, 2/2/17, from a Bannon biographer:

And finally, a peek into how the Trump White House is really running, now that Bannon has achieved his dream job:

Good Night, and Good Luck, America. Better put your Super Hero costume on and get ready for the sickest fight in human history.

UPDATE: 2/23/17 – From CPAC, the man who has the dictators ear, Son of Satan Steve Bannon describes his infiltration of government on the day the Trump Administration initiated the banned of Media including CNN from White House Press meeting:




“IMPEACHMENT” for Trump is Coming


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Donald Trump should never have been allowed to step foot in the White House to begin with – we knew the Russians were angling for a Trump Regime, had hacked the DNC to discredit his opponent and were continuing their attempts to hack into voting machines before election day. With the exit of the always angry National Security Advisor Flynn Monday, upon learning some of his conversations with Russian Diplomats concerning Obama’s sanctions against Russia and perhaps the promise of repeal, the Trump Administration continues its’ affinity for chaos with Andrew Puzder’s withdraw from consideration as Secretary of Labor the very next day. Previously, there was the firing of the interim Attorney General Sally Yates, and only days ago, Kellyanne Conway’s use of her ass-kissing position to endorse and promote Ivanka Trump products, a company she blatantly stated she invests in, now subjects her to disciplinary action by an ethics review board. What a fucking mess this regime is.

The overall atmosphere of the Trump Catastrophe has been one of National unrest and pervasive nervousness, both at home and abroad. And adding to this, on Wednesday, 2/15/17, in a press meeting with Israels’ Netanyahu, Trump basically announced his plan to create more unrest in the Middle East by advancing his Jewish son-in-laws religious agenda there – a ‘One State Solution’. So doing is tantamount to a proclamation of religious war and would draw a battery of the more radical Muslim nations into war with the USA and Isreal.

On that same platform Netanyahu happily announced his insider status to the Trump family with a grinning public expression of affection made directly to Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner – a billionaire with no political or diplomatic experience who appears to harbor delusions of heroic grandeur of his own – and whose home and bed he has slept in. To gleefully proclaim these intimate ties before a roomful of world news reporters and cameras, describing him as a personal friend he’s known for ten years, indicates the probability of private conversations toward financial commitments and a promise of supportive military objectives outside of our standing United States foreign polices. The ultimate goal of the imperialist Trump seems to be tactical destruction of the United States of America from without and within – exactly what Putin’s Russia wants. We cannot see this derelict, delusional, pathological liar impeached soon enough. The central question now is, what more will it take? How many more straws will it take to break this insane camels back?

Here is a lead-in discussion on MSNBC with a panel which includes Mika, Morning Joe, Willie Geist and others:

The full press conference between Trump and Netanyahu which includes the discussion of the ‘two state-one state-solution’. Netanyahu’s glee with his insider connections to the Trumps and especially the fellow Jew Jared Kushner can be viewed at the end of this video, beginning with minute 28.10:

– a discussion hinting that nothing will happen to Kellyann Conway for her blatant disregard for the law as concerns endorsing the President’s daughters business –

And more discussion on Kellyann Conway’s constant lies and “free agent’ status within the white house.


Putin-Baby Trump painting available on Ebay from China here:×36-inch/112199033417?_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D41375%26meid%3D4a8f4c3663944c54b9365566cfba4a66%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D332036126732

Media Finally Reports on Trumps Mental Illness; “What does it mean when he says words?”

It’s been obvious since the first phases of the 2016 election that Donald Trump is a Mental Illness incarnate: Firstly, he is the textbook example of a Narcissistic Sociopath. Second, his inherited dementia (his father died of Alzheimers) is evident in his erratic behavior and middle-of-the-night-tweets, his confusion of facts and outright lies and bending of reality. Here’s a few recent reports from the media where it is now being directly addressed. The President of the United States, a 70 year old, junk food eating old man, suffers from pervasive mental illness.

The first report shown here features an interview with Andrew Sullivan, contributing editor to the New York Times:

This next one is a personal view from News247, a YouTuber’s review of what he’s seeing:

And Senator Al Franken on Jake Tapper/CNN about Trumps Mental Health and torrential lying:

John Oliver’s commentary on Trumps uncontrollable ‘lying’ (his delusions, anyway) from February 12th:

Finally, Bernie Sanders calls Trump a delusional ‘pathological liar’ also published on February 12, 2017:

In conclusion, to quote the reporter from the Oliver clip, “This is what makes covering Donald Trump so very difficult –

What does it mean when he says words?”





Trump Dementia Questions


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Trumps Mental Health is questioned by plenty of other citizens. Here are some videos of others’ discussions and questions on this upsetting issue.

But Why Guy covered the following subject on Trumps Narcissistic Personality Disorder over a year ago… but this video provides video samples of Trump in action. Well done, Guys at Concerned US Citizen on You Tube!

Here is Deepak Chopra referring to Trump as emotionally retarded. Video posted by The Majority Report with Sam Seder on June  14, 2016 as seen on You Tube:

And more Deepak Chopra on Conan, calling Trump “Beyond Hope”:

And posted by Steven Meyerson on You Tube from an MSNBC broadcast, Trump bragging about himself beyond reason, referring to himself as “The Super Genius of All Time!”

Posted on You Tube on August 2nd, 2016 by Cobra Commander Politics, Dr. Drew Pinsky speaking on CNN Live,  negating Trump having Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

Dr. Phil comments on Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel,  posted September 29, 2015.

Most of these celebrity doctors or in Dr. Phil’s case, a Phd, are careful to criticize another celebrity. But this line of questioning has been going on for a year and a half, since Trump entered into this fray of this recent political cycle. So much discussion and so much denial.

President Trump: A Study in Mental Decay due to Dementia


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donald trump2How is it that the minority of American Voters who supported this pussy-grabbing idiot continue to ignore every symptom of this man’s mental decay is just mind-boggling. His Father, Fred Trump, died of dementia/Alzheimers, and the science shows it is a hereditary condition. Why is the press not addressing this?  A confused and confrontational press may make for good TV ratings, but it is ultimately irresponsible to avoid the real problem here: Donald Trump’s increasingly erratic behavior betrays the signs of his Dementia.

After the inauguration on Friday, January 20th, any common narcissistic sociopath in his class should have been overjoyed to have grabbed the greatest seat of power in the world. Instead, what does this mentally decrepit man do? He brags it was the  largest inaugural crowd ever, without any supporting facts in hand, then, when images of his scant inaugural audience were shown compared to Obama’s 2009 inauguration crowd, with the latter’s having saturated the landscape – Trump sends his Press Sac-of-turds-retary out to address the press with a scathing assertion that Trump’s WAS BIGGER and the media is to blame for angering the giant baby-man newly installed in OUR White House.

Narcissistic sociopaths rely on sycophants to survive, and his Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s willingness to make his very first meeting with the press an antagonistic threat-infused posture (he refused questions, made his petty statement regarding Pres. Trumps hurt feelings over his dick  crowd size, and stormed off) certainly describes a spineless sycophant. But now with a little power. To survive in Donald Trumps world, after all, you have to be both spineless and morally blind.


Kellyanne Conway… wearing her comical outfit on inauguration day, meant to remind onlookers of the uniforms of American Revolutionary soldiers, well… suffice it – she’s as fucked up as Trump. Her tirade at Chuck Todd on Sunday’s Meet the Press (1/22/17) threatening to “re-think our relationship” with both Todd,the American and World Press overall, was another demonstration of those enablers with which Donald Trump surrounds himself. Nothing Trump does or says seems to be too crazy for her. She resolves this mounting disparity between the reality of what just happened and what Donald Trump wants Reality to look like with the new term “Alternative Facts”, as witnessed here:

Worrying about the comparative crowd size is ego-gutting for Trump. He simply cannot believe anyone does it better than him. Or is better liked. Or more intelligent.

This man should not be sitting in the Oval Office! He is clearly not sane.

The Million Woman March which took place globally on Saturday, January 21st, was a refreshing smack in the face of the Trump Presidency and his repugnant staff. Regime, actually. His Hitler-style selection of radicals and Putin ball suckers are a threat to our national as well as world security.

Trump spent his first full day in office – while hundreds of thousands were marching in the streets across America and in Washington DC – addressing the CIA. Telling them he ‘loved’ them. Love? Only the week before, when the dossier containing accusations concerning Trump-affiliates meetings with Russian insiders, and reports Donald Trump hired prostitutes in Moscow to urinate on the very bed President Obama slept in while in Moscow – slammed the CIA and all Washington Intelligence Agencies, basically saying they were incompetent, stupid, unnecessary. The very Agents whose intelligence- gathering concerning potential threats to the POTUS would be required by the Secret Service who protects him was degraded by the then President-elect. And suddenly he wants to make love to the CIA? This is the very definition of an unstable memory, and also a symptom of dementia, as is late-night episodes of WTF?.

The man is ass-fuck crazy, unstable, and each day the evidence mounts that he suffers from dementia. Yet the sycophants around him, including his own daughter, keep pretending everything is just fine. Daddy is just a little bit moody. Daddy can’t read a book about world policy. Daddy gets his education on NATO by watching TV. Donny can’t tolerate meetings with NSA because they bore him – he has the attention span of a goldfish (15 seconds)- another symptom of dementia.

How the hell do we oust this lunatic now?

I guess we have to view this mass-insanity as both a failure of our system (the electoral college chose to not do the job our founding fathers set out for them, and protect the people from an assbag with only personal gain at heart when taking power, and with ties to a foreign and hostile power) and the hopeful self-correction of our very public mistake. Well, not mine. But the mentally underfunded public with a vote who chose to ignore his mental decline, erratic behavior, insanely immature tweeting, sexual assaults of women, bankruptcy-profiteering, failure to show transparency or reveal his tax documents – or even pay any taxes – so much was ignored just to keep the Mexicans out… without any voters seeming to check – Obama was deporting about 2 million Mexicans every year.

Those stupid Trumpericans will get what they deserve. But they have threatened the destiny of the rest of us – THE MAJORITY who did not vote for Trumpzilla – and so, let the marches and protests continue. Let us see just how well our Democracy works. Which depends on how well we work our democracy.


And lest we forget, in a Donald J. Trump Presidency, Crowd size and Dick size mean the same thing. He sees his dick as “a million, a million and a half” inches long. Thatsa lotta dick, yo.

Does Donald Trump Suffer from Dementia?


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trump-dementiaThe office of President of these United States not only serves to represent the people of the USA, but serves as a symbol of stability and human rights around the world. Amazingly, to ascend to this office, one only needs to make the kind of campaign promises that rally voters into submission in order to gain their votes. A mental health exam is not a requirement to take this job. So when America voted for an unstable man to lead our nation, could there be any other outcome than an unstable nation and further destabilization of the world?

Does Donald Trump suffer from Dementia? His Father Fred Trump had Alzheimers and died from it. Read another article questioning Trump’s mental capacity from April 2016 HERE.

Dementia, also called senility, is a slow process. According to Wikipedia:

“The symptoms of dementia vary across types and stages of the diagnosis.[20] The most common affected areas include memory, visual-spatial, language, attention and problem solving. Most types of dementia are slow and progressive. By the time the person shows signs of the disorder, the process in the brain has been happening for a long time.”

Some symptoms include, but are not limited to:

“Memory distortions (believing that a memory has already happened when it has not, thinking an old memory is a new one, combining two memories, or confusing the people in a memory)” and “elated mood, Irritability, apathy, Disinhibition, Delusions”

“When people with dementia are put in circumstances beyond their abilities, there may be a sudden change to crying or anger (a “catastrophic reaction”)’.

These are traits we have witnessed in Donald J. Trump, and you only needed to be reading his Twitter feed these past few years to see that. Constant narcissistic self-praising and childish rants. And then there’s his opinion of We the People from his 2013 post”

                         “Most Americans are a bunch of fucking idiots”


Learning of the unprecedented series of protests around the Untied States in reaction to this man winning the election via the anticipated electoral votes, though his opponent, Hillary Clinton, won the popular, or actual vote, and in response to irrational, hateful, sexist, bigoted and immature hate speech throughout his long, arduous, despicable campaign, Americans took to the streets shouting, burning, smashing in some cases, waving their signs of disgust and protest – and his reaction on Twitter was to call them ‘professional protestors’, and whine ((sniff sniff)) “Unfair!”.

Protests continue nightly and more are planned, including the Million Woman March on Washington on inauguration day.

The bottom line here is, aside from being a textbook narcissistic sociopath, ( “a sociopath is someone who, because he is antisocial with no conscience, lies, manipulates and controls people any way he so desires, People are toys to the sociopath; to the sociopathic narcissist, they are trash. Sociopathy combined with narcissism can be extremely dangerous. Beware the narcissistic sociopath”) Donald Trump may also suffer from Dementia. His erratic behavior, saying one thing then shortly saying the very opposite, promising to be  ‘unpredictable’ aka erratic, may be signs of his dementia. After all, he is a blustering 70 year old crazyass man who gives a fuck about no one but himself, and no one is daring to force a mental health examination to discern his capacity.

The electoral college still has an opportunity to not select Trump for President, according to Derek T. Muller of the Washington Post:  ”

Some of the Founders worried that rash decision-making by the collective body politic would be “radically vicious” or “liable to deceptions” if they directly elected the president, for the people would lack the “capacity to judge” candidates’…  If they choose, state legislators can appoint presidential electors themselves this November, rather than leaving the matter of apportioning electoral college votes by popular vote. Then, via their chosen electors, legislatures could elect any presidential candidate they prefer.”

This is our only chance to stop this insane-asylum-of-a man from taking over the White House, aligning power and nukes with Putin, and fucking up the world and balance of powers.

May God have Mercy on Us All!